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Christmas Wonderland 10 Game

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Casual Arts celebrates the 10th anniversary of Christmas Wonderland by delivering a truly wonderous addition to this incredible series! For this year’s excursion to the North Pole, board the SS Wonderland Princess and get ready to visit the most festive places on earth! Visit Santa’s shop and see the work that goes into preparing for Christmas day. See the Nativity display at Springfield Church and help Charities deliver food to the homeless. Put up Christmas Trees with beautiful decorations! Suddenly it’s Christmas Eve and Santa is flying around the world while kids are fast asleep, or are they? And soon it will be another awesome Christmas Morning! [39]

Christmas Wonderland 10 full game features:
  • Find hundreds of hidden objects
  • Earn merit badges for your achievements
  • Take photos, create an Album.
  • Full of presents and hidden surprises
  • For more features, check out the Collector's Edition

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Screenshot of Christmas Wonderland 10 Screenshot of Christmas Wonderland 10 Screenshot of Christmas Wonderland 10


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