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Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age Game

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Welcome to a new Farm Frenzy adventure,enjoy the frantic expanded gameplay in Farm Frenzy 3:Ice Age!this time,our hero Scarlett,travel to the North Pole to visit her newest purchased farm,but it proved a wild ice field!your task is helping Scarlett to repair and operate her farm,meet her cousins and help them in making ice play,you breed penguins,walruses,mammoths and many other arctic animals,manufacture and upgrade new products and earn even dress up polar bears you catch and sell them for more money,send out explosive attack dogs,etc.More intersting,you will meet a surprise guest during the game.and,are you ready to turn the harsh frontiers of the North Pole into an agricultural paradise of the Arctic? It's a very good arcade and time management game for everybody. From first version to second version and thirty version, I always follow it. "An arctic farm could be a good investment! The price is right, so why not?" [1970]

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age full game features:
  • Fun and fast gameplay
  • Tons of levels
  • Chill out with Farm Frenzy!

Tags: Farm

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